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It is never an easy task for you to go ahead and design a new home without visualizing it in your mind. If you are an ordinary person, you will be able to find sets of rectangles and squares in front of you. But that won’t help you get a clear overview of what you’re going to build. This is where floor plans come in. They are able to help you have a clear visual understanding of the floor plan and how it will look after construction.

What is that?

First, you will need to have a clear understanding of what floor plans are. A floor plan can simply be defined as the virtual floor plan of a building, which consists of interior decoration, furniture, doors, windows, floors, walls, and many other important attributes. In fact, a 3D floor plan includes all essential attributes except the ceiling. This is because the ceiling is used to get a clear view of the plane from above.

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Rendering software tools are used to create the floor plans. You can even get 3D floor plans. They went out to play in the recent past. Since the introduction of 3D rendering software, 3D floor plans have become popular among people. The ability to have a clear view of the building has contributed a lot to the popularity of 3D floor plans.


If you need a floor plan, you can just contact us. We have experts who can help you create the floor plan according to your needs. They also adhere to all industry standards and regulations when offering architectural floor plans.

Through the floor plans we will:

Illustrate property and house plans.
Show the location of doors, windows, walls and more.
Include exact part names, measurements and sizes.

Types of floor plans?

There are few different types of floor plans that we can help you with. They understand:

2D floor plans
A 2D floor plan is a diagram that shows the general layout of a space, including rooms and walls. This type of architectural floor plans are flat. In other words, they indicate neither depth nor perspective. The floor plan can also be a plan, sketch or computer drawing.
3D floor plans
3D floor plans add a new dimension to traditional floor plans. You will be able to see both height and perspective in these floor plans.

In fact, they can provide more details. Therefore, you can make your life easier when working with the plan.


Before jumping into floor plans, you should also fully understand their importance. Then you will feel that the amount you spend to get them can give you amazing results in the long run.

Layout - Low Cost Floor Plans

Service: Layout – Floor Plans

Lead: Architects

Cost: 3 AUD or 2 USD per m2 of building.

Floor plans and layout

Before constructing a building, the floor plan must be designed. It has the ability to generate a range of benefits for the builder as well as the customer. When a client takes a look at the floor plan, he will be able to fully understand the shape, size and form of the building. In other words, they will be able to have an overall understanding of what will be achieved at the end of the day. On the other hand, builders will be able to maintain higher values ​​using floor plans. It is also possible to add interactive animations in 3D floor plans. Therefore, builders will find it easy to have a clear understanding of the overall floor plan. Thus, the time required to explain the outlook to builders can be significantly reduced.

Real estate marketers, architects and all other parties associated with the housing industry know that planning a beautiful home is not enough. It is important to add some marketing in the designs. Otherwise, they will have to go through many difficulties while finding potential customers to sell the house. This is where floor plans come in. Floor plans have the potential to make the whole property more visual. As a result, everyone viewing the floor plan will be able to have a clear understanding of it. They will never be distracted by glancing at the floor plan. Because of this, builders will be able to impress customers and increase the number of leads. This can contribute directly to long-term sales volume. In addition, manufacturers will also have the opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

A floor plan can help builders and real estate marketers get ahead and market properties to potential clients, even before they begin construction activities. This is because they have the ability to market the property conveniently. Customers viewing the 3D plan will be able to better understand what they are about to receive. As a result, they will never be distracted in the long run. Therefore, they will immediately opt for the offers. It can also help builders and marketers avoid stress.

As mentioned earlier, 3D rendering software tools are used to create the 3D floor plans. These floor plans can easily be changed at any time. However, this was not possible with traditional floor plans. People using traditional 2D plans have to spend a lot of time and money even to make a simple change. This can be completely eliminated using 3D floor plans. As a result, all associated entities will be able to save time as well as money.

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